after reading 5746 blogs…

I have finally found it.

The Best White Cake Recipe

Now, granted, the white cakes I have tried to this point have been absolutely edible, but for the most part have tasted not unlike a nice, sweet cornbread…but with a lovely swoopy swirl of a delicious cream cheese buttercream.

and let’s just be honest…I’d eat a mudcake if it had delicious cream cheese buttercream.

Anyway, thank you, Google, for directing me to Add a Pinch when I googled “the best white cake recipe,” because she is surely not lying when she calls it that.  Aside from the name clearly telling me my search was over, I have to say that the simplicity of the recipe was what grabbed me.  So many of the ones I looked at called for cake flour, which I never have (but tried making myself one time [flour + corn starch = cake flour] and wound up with the flattest, densest red velvet cake EVER), so when I ran down the list and determined that I had all of the things, I knew I had to try it.

So many white cakes are dry and crumbly…like cornbread…but this cake is sweet and moist and the crumb is perfection.  I can’t wait to try it with just a little almond extract for a more wedding-y white cake flavor.  I topped my cupcakes with a vanilla buttercream, but actually left about six for the boys without frosting at all because these don’t even need it…


DSCN0986 DSCN0987 DSCN0990

And that, my friends, is high praise for a white cake cupcake.







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