Back before you were a baker…

First, let me say that I think it is absolutely hysterical that I am launching this new blog with a post about cheddar biscuits when 95% of the things I bake are sweet and slathered with some sort of decadent, cream cheese-laden frosting, but here’s the thing…

Yesterday, The Boy, aka my 15-year-old son, asked casually as he strolled through the living room, “hey, do you remember those cheddar biscuits you used to make, you know back before you were a baker? They were really good.”

Remember?!?! More like how could I forget them? (actually what I remember most is the Mr’s face when he took a big ol’ bite of one that he had slathered with apricot preserves…not realizing it was a GARLIC biscuit)

Anyway, you know how it is when someone plants an idea in your head.  From that point on, ALL I could think about was those cheddar biscuits and how light and fluffy and buttery and cheesy they were.  Clearly, there was going to be no getting around making a batch…which is exactly what I did today after church…for The Boy 😉

Almost every copycat recipe I found online called for Bisquick, which is not something I ever have here in the Kitchen, but I finally found a scratch recipe here, made a few alternations, and voila



Since I was fresh out of lobster, we ate these cheesy, garlic-y puffs of heaven with some deli ham.

As my old buddy Emeril would say…




2 thoughts on “Back before you were a baker…

  1. I love the blog!! However it is missing one key ingredient, or maybe I did not see it.
    The recipe…. Would you be willing to share said recipe? I would understand if you did not share. It would be a shame though, not to share the buttery, fluffy and delicious goodness that is cheddar garlic biscuits.

    • Tamara ~
      If you will click on the word “here” it should take you to the page where I found it. For some reason that link isn’t really showing up very well, is it? Enjoy your biscuits!

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